Piemonte Moscato Passito DOC

Variety: Moscato 100%.

Vineyard: The grapes come from our farmstead in Valle San Giovanni, between Nizza Monferrato and Canelli.

Vinification: Moscato grape selection takes place in late autumn. At the time of harvest, the grapes are decidedly overripe and already begin the drying phase on the vine. The harvested grapes are then placed on racks and set out to dry in the estate’s farmhouse. Immediately after pressing, the must is introduced into small barrels, in which fermentation takes place and lasts for a long period. It is bottled after a long aging in small oak barrels.

Pairings: Try with Meliga pastries, baked stuffed peaches or Krumiri. Great for pairing with a natural gorgonzola, stilton or roquefort.

It is generally marketed 10 years after harvest, and this fine wine is produced only in excellent vintages.

We also recommend you look at the Moscato d’Asti DOCG “Centive”, which comes close as taste notes.

Bottle image Piemonte Moscato Passito DOC


Intense and pleasant fine bouquet. A progression of olfactory sensations reminiscent of dried fruits such as fig and apricot and candied fruits such as orange peel, accompanied by sweet notes reminiscent of powdered sugar and honey.


The deep amber color immediately manifests the wine's texture.


Very persistent in the mouth without becoming cloying thanks to a good balance between acidity and residual sugar.

“It is one of the first wines we produced since we took over the winery. I remember we went to several local wineries, from the erbaluce area to Pantelleria to see how they made some of the great Italian dessert wines.”



Moscato d’Asti remains in history as one of Italy’s most important aromatic grapes. A great local grape, it finds its greatest expression in the soils of the commune of Fontanile, north of Nizza Monferrato. Having discovered this great quality product, Agostino Bertolino purchased the Centive farmstead in this area and began producing an exceptional Moscato.