Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC

Variety: Nebbiolo 100%.

Vineyard: The grapes come from the village of Castellinaldo, Roero area, one of the largest Nebbiolo production areas in Piedmont. The grapes are selected by hand and harvested in boxes.

Vinification: Grape selection generally takes place the last week of October. The grapes are then pressed in the estate winery and placed in stainless steel vats for alcoholic fermentation and maceration on the skins. Then the wine is introduced into 25HL oak barrels for aging for 18 months. After further bottle aging, the wine is ready for release. This Nebbiolo is an aging wine.

Pairings: Try it with agnolotti al plin, grilled filet, or a fondue with white truffle.

We also recommend you look at the Nizza DOCG Riserva BAUDA, which comes close as taste notes.

Bottle image Nebbiolo d'Alba DOC


Typical aroma of rose, raspberry and small red fruits that evolves beautifully with bottle aging.


Typical color of nebbiolo, pale ruby red.


It is a warm wine by alcohol content, and has finely marked tannins, soft but with hints of savoriness and acidity.

“The desire for a confrontation with this grape variety pushed me to Roero to look for a vineyard suitable for a typical but at the same time ductile wine.”



Always thought of as a wine for aging, Nebbiolo has fascinated our family to the point of producing it for more than 50 years, becoming a steadfast part of our history. Old advertisements remind us of deep ruby-red Nebbiolos with a subtle violet scent.