Freisa d’Asti DOC Secco

Variety: Freisa 100%.

Vineyard: The grapes come entirely from the Isola d’Asti vineyard. A native grape variety that was widespread in the past and forgotten in recent years, we wanted to give voice to this wine from the tradition of the great Piedmontese.

Vinification: After hand-selection of the grapes at the beginning of October, the grapes are crushed the same evening they are picked and placed in vats for fermentation. The wine is then introduced into 25HL French oak barrels for aging for about 18 months. The wine completes its maturation with bottle aging of about 12 months.

Pairings: Serve with tajarin with game ragout, roast with hazelnuts, or stracotto with wine.

We also recommend you look at the Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC, which comes close as taste notes.

Bottle image Freisa d'Asti DOC Secco


Broad and complex. Sensations are floral, with notes of rose and violet also wilted, raspberry and cherry jam, spicy, chocolate, clove, black pepper and nutmeg.


Ruby red color tending to garnet with aging.


The taste is dry due to the presence of generous tannins made soft by aging in wood.

“Freisa d’Asti is one of the wines that has made the history of Monferrato. Since the beginning of the sixteenth century it was considered “a grape of first quality” that managed to fetch a price even double that of the “common grapes”…It presented even then all the characteristics to become a symbolic wine of this territory, nobility that a research of the University of Turin has confirmed with genetic analysis: a direct descent relationship between the Freisa and Nebbiolo vines. Age it in your cellars and if you enjoy a roast lamb or a good aged Piedmontese cheese, you will enjoy a unique experience.”



One of Piedmont’s oldest wines and among the first produced by the Bertolino family. Freisa, a grape rich in tannins but at the same time with floral sensations, was for many years offered to the public sparkling, but tradition called for it dry, as we decided to produce it.