Knowledge of the soil is a key issue in producing wines of great quality. Our vineyards are located in different municipalities of Monferrato, carefully chosen for their composition and exposure. Generally composed of clayey-sandy marls of marine origin and limestone, the soils in this area offer the possibility for the different grape varieties to express their characteristics to the maximum thanks to the different percentages of the main components. The marine origins are evidenced by the numerous fossils, mainly shells of different shapes and sizes, that can be seen while walking among the vines.

Sustainability and Organic Farming

Being a winemaker is not just a profession. You have to have patience, love for the land, wisdom in wine making and interpersonal skills with colleagues and customers. We do not work alone but are part of a system. That is why we have started limiting the use of chemicals since 1998 by obtaining organic farming certification on all our agricultural production.


Respect for the land and knowledge of the territory, care and passion for our work become art in growing the vines and ripening the fruit in your glasses.