Grape variety: 100% Cortese

 Vineyard: the grapes come from vineyards in the area where this vine is traditionally grown, at an altitude of 300 metres. In compliance with regulations, production per hectare must never exceed 9.5 tonnes of grapes. Soil: marly clay.

 Tasting notes: pale straw yellow colour. Fine bouquet with nice intensity and persistence, offering slightly floral notes, with a fresh, smooth, graceful and well-structured palate.

 Vinification: the grapes are removed from the stalks and crushed on the evening of the same day they are harvested, and placed in stainless steel tanks at a temperature of 12°C, where the skins macerate briefly in contact with the must. After being separated from the skins, alcoholic fermentation begins at a temperature of 15-16°C. The must continues to ferment at this temperature, which is necessary in order to preserve the delicate aromas, for 15 days. This is followed by a short period of ageing in steel, until bottling, which usually takes place at the beginning of spring.

Service: 10-12°C

Fresh spring aperitif, with fried courgette flowers and acacia blossoms… the stuff that dreams are made of… Elisabetta

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